Lenon Honor blocks truth misleading people they have addiction to marijuana and conspiracy theories

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Jul 29, 2013
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Lenon Honor has no honor in his misleading comments based in fear and mind control! Why would Lenon Honor be in such a closed state of mind control to block truth from being able to prove misleading information wrong? If Lenon Honor was a parent who cared he would be talking about issues I do like my other work I have math proving Hemp Fuel can make America and other countries energy independent, individuals and homes can be self sufficient and not having to pay energy bills! Seriously watch my documentary Trailers for Antimatter: The Future is Now and investigate. Frauds, bullies, and disinformation agents censored me and I collect evidence on my website http://www.mylesohowe.com/censorship.... I provide sources to prove "conspiracy theories", it is common for Cult leaders to dis-empower others from investigating something, so what is Lenon Honor doing trying to do mislead me that I have addiction to conspiracy theory videos? Did he even investigate my work?


Without experience people are living in FEAR of marijuana while I can smoke weed and it helps me breathe easier from this poisoned planet with poisonous pollution from cancer causing energy sources hemp fuel can make obsolete. I live in Canada that legalized hemp and I can't grow my own food, ive been presenting solutions like how laws can be repealed, if something doesn't work, try something else.

I had breathing difficulties/asthma Before I even knew about weed, I found through my experience that smoking weed helps me breathe easier. I tried the alternatives and smoking weed helps me breathe easier, what kind of anti-human world is this where frauds and lairs are trying to mislead people they have addiction to a safe plant that is not addictive? I don't have withdrawal going without weed it is just more difficult to breathe, asthma does kill and I used to have a plastic feeling in my throat before I smoked weed it was awful and I don't have that anymore, my goodness I never want to feel that pain again.

Lenon Honor made a documentary The Borg Agenda and Presidential Elections are a Fraud so why would he try and mislead me that I am addicted to conspiracy theory videos when he is not making a big deal of real issues and hypes up marijuana, as if addiction was an issue! Are people this sound asleep? Sadly, yes.

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