Afghans opposed to signing security deal with US

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The war is raging here. It still kills and wounds people. And we do not know how many more Afghans will lose their lives in the unpopular U-S-led war. Obama's administration insists that things will change soon once the security deal is signed. But on the streets of Kabul, people remain quite cynical as they view the presence of foreign troops as the root cause of violence in their war-torn country. This agreement, if signed, will guarantee a long-term military foothold for US here. And that means more air strikes and more civilian deaths. A situation that seems too difficult for these people to tolerate! They are already suffering the most. Their neighborhoods are hit by deadly bombings almost every day. Once they thought the presence of foreign troops would bring them a chance for better living conditions. But that did not happen. And now these men think it would not happen even if US forces are allowed to stay for years to come either. A sentiment that is shared by many here! Despite this, US President Barack Obama has warned his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai to either finalize the deal or he would take a decision on his own. October has been set as a deadline for him. Washington is doing all what it can to get the deal signed to keep its bases in this country beyond 2014 when NATO's mission ends. People in the Obama's administration are talking about a ZERO OPTION in which all US forces would be pulled out, but it seems such political maneuvers have not worked well so far. President Karzai sticks to his apparent demands for peace, strong army and better economy.

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