Mystery sea beast found in the Persian Gulf MYSTERY "sea-monster" was discovered by shocked sailors when a giant carcass surfaced in the Persian Gulf.Members of the Iranian Navy were left baffled after spotting the 50ft rotting creature float by their ship -- so took pictures that were then posted to a social news website.Users were quick to suggest it could be the remains of a whale.One biology expert, known online as Unidan, said: "Dead whale, most likely."The blackened skin and vertebrae are a good giveaway."Dr Gary Griggs, Director of the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of California, was left in no doubt.He said: "From my vast knowledge and experience with whales and their skeletons, it is clearly a whale."Although with the condition of the body, it's difficult for me to determine what kind of whale."When a whale dies its carcass provides a valuable source of nutrition to other sea-dwelling creatures.Sharks, crabs, and other scavengers quickly devour most of the whale's sort parts including its fat and muscle.Then bone-boring worms, clams and other organisms draw nutrition from the bones.

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