Amazing Serial Killer Survival Story

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Jul 31, 2013
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WeAreChange recently got the opportunity to meet and Interview Joe Lozito, the selfless hero who put his life on the line to stop a serial killer. The story is only magnified when Joe finds out, that while being stabbed by the serial killer, the NYPD was standing by watching everything unfold from the safety of the conductors door. Currently in a legal suit, the NYPD and City of NY is arguing that the NYPD has NO duty to protect its own citizens. If you want to learn more about Joe and be updated about his court case follow him on is petitioning Judge Margaret A. Chan to get his day in court against the NYPD. Please sign and share! Thanks to for introducing us to Joe.You can read about the entire criminal case here: muziek: die mee heeft gewerkt aan dit project: Hartelijk Dank!Support us by subscribing here out our merchandise at a member of The Sponsor Lounge and get exclusive behind the scenes content while helping us grow! Join us today! http:/// Luke @

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