Giant hole in Sun & 3 Days of Darkness

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Jul 31, 2013
  • Views: 248 When the story came out that there was a coronal hole on the Sun 1/4 of its size, the first though that popped into my dead was three days of darkness. Moses raised it's hand and it happened in Egypt, Acts mentions the darkening of the Sun and so does the book of Matthew. Plus, Hopi and Mayan legends talk of 3 days of darkness. So knowing how little we know about the Sun, I feel like anything is possible during this strange minimal double peaked solar maximum. Oh, and I offer a solution to stop all the doom, disaster, madness, rioting and raping that might happen if the whole world freak out and was unprepared for this day. We've gotta plan for the known unknowns, ya know? Oh, and Could Comet c2012 s1 ISON and it's super double dusting block out the Sun for a few days? Probably not, but in this crazy ass world and times. Who knows? Yes I know that people brought this up with both Elenin and then the 2012 Nibiru scare, but to me the main thing that keeps it relevant is the Bible's mentions of the darkness, and it does seem to imply that asteroids and comets will reign from the sky lighting the night up with fire and meteors.Crazy, I know. But something to think about.

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