Syria Special Military Operations In Jobar

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Jobar (world) -31/07/2013- the correspondent in Syria reported that units of the Syrian army began a military operation into northern Jobar area in Damascus, after he recently was able to control several blocks, has also developed a plan for more progress toward Tora River , where he accompanied the camera world process. The military seems متأججا the scene in more than one front in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus and its countryside. After the armed groups vowed to escalate in the coming hours, enabling the Syrian army through a series of quality processes designed to work on several axes simultaneously, achieve successes field. The plan was developed, and the distribution of tasks to start large-scale military operation north of Damascus Jobar Brive toward Tora River, where militants are stationed in buildings opposite. He said a military officer for Mkraseltna: our members then will a solid, to eliminate these militants Qdhaoua concluded, and now follow the progress towards the implementation of the task, he fell several buildings that had been planned grab it, and follow the mission towards the river Tora, during a very short time will get the job done completely. Syria Smoke and roar of bullets filled the scene announcing the start of the battle, and during our presence with the army units in the early grades, the gunmen Basthvina a number of mortar shells and homemade rockets, injuring one of the soldiers, and immediately the units Alehih Syrian respond to the source of fire. He said a military officer for us: we are now a military operation in EDL Damascus, احتللنا some blocks two days ago, and we fix our therein, and stayed some of the blocks that are now trying to storm the elimination of militants where in order to progress towards the axis of Jobar and continue in the process to eliminate the rest of the militants who fled Foundation Electricity Damascus. The soldiers began to progress and raid gatherings militants, and the stated goal of the process is not yet complete, is to thwart any attempts at infiltration of militants across this axis toward the capital, Damascus, and complete control of the institution electricity fully dishes Ring them from several directions in Jobar.

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