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What The Bradley Manning Verdict Tells Us About America

  • Uploaded by Nwomaster on Aug 1, 2013
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Follow us on Facebook: July 30th Bradley Manning was convicted on 20 charges. He now faces up to 136 years in prison. What does this case tell us about America?Follow us on Twitter: our website: http://StormCloudsGathering.comGet weekly email updates: Manning convicted on most charges: Manning guilty verdict designed to intimidate future whistleblowers: cables: Statement by House Intelligence Committee on Manning verdict: criminal G.W. Bush gets a library: pr/25/george-w-bush-presidential-library-dedication-liveClinton and Bush intentionally caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq: raking in the dough giving speeches: expands the drone program: s_obama_expands_drone_war_activistsObama signs NDAA giving the military the power to detain civilians indefinitelyObama's invasion of Libya: another Neocon war: pr/21/libya-muammar-gaddafiObama's Drone war secrecy: Syrian Rebels Obama is funding:'s multi-million dollar vacations: http:/ much do we pay for ex-presidents?: Youtube copyright reviewers:Audio and animations were created by StormCloudsGathering using Reason 7, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Files available for proof on request.

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