Never Seen Before Evidence -- 9/11 -- The

Symbolism is everything to those who control us. It speaks volumes to those who understand it. We already know of the Masonic road-layout and design of such cities like that of Washington and London; that from a birds-eye view can easily be seen. In regards to the USA, we all take it that at the tip of the pyramid; resides those in power = Washington DC, Capital Hill. There are those who argue that the 'real power' comes out of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia; that then filters down to the Grand Lodge of Washington. The four flights involved needed a flight-path -- that on the surface of it; appeared they had departed their due airports and were on the way to their original destinations. We know recorded evidence seems to prove two of the actual aircraft never even departed their respected airports. However, we have to work on the premise that four aircraft, whatever they are, as it's no more difficult to repaint an aircraft and give it a false tail number, than it is to do the same with a stolen motor vehicle, - must have departed to give it the impression they were involved in the crashes. So where on earth must they have gone to if they were not involved in the actually incidents? If you were to devise such a mastermind plan for 9/11, you'd need 'a base', not so much where to control and give orders from, but a place where you could have full control over the whole plan and all the aircraft involved. One that ensnared a whole area you confidently have supremacy over, one that would uphold to your rituals and allow you to use the powerful use of symbolism, so as you can clearly show whose in complete command and control, - this will be your footprint. Here for the first time ever and being the only person to date to suggest such findings; - I would like to announce that in my opinion this place is 'Harrisburg International Airport', in Pennsylvania, USA, that could have been supported by the Capital City Airport, also in Harrisburg, this latter airport could have homed the two "drone" aircraft that hit the Twin Towers. The former could have dealt with the other commercial aircraft involve This is a birds-eye view of the Capital City Airport in Harrisburg on the opposite side of the river to Harrisburg International Airport. Originally called Capital Landing Field, the facility opened in mid-1930 and was Harrisburg's original commercial service airport. Capital City Airport is located adjacent to the Defense Distribution Center, one of the largest military distribution centers for the warehousing of supplies and equipment for the U.S. Armed Forces. A parachutte rigger detachment from the 82nd Airborne Division also operates out of Capital City Airport. Since 1999, Capital City Airport has been owned and operated by the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA). As you can see by my own photographs; I first went to Google maps, typed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the site of the alleged crash of Flight 93, - this is seen below in the red marker balloon "A". Then look to your right an you'll see Harrisburg. Lower right is Philadelphia, and below centre is Washington D.C. -- now join the dots! I drew a straight line between Shanksville to Harrisburg, then a line from Harrisburg to Philadelphia, a line from Philadelphia to Washington, and then from Washington to Shanksville, - finally drawing a straight line from Washington to Harrisburg; - this gives it that unique - three dimensional pyramid shape when you turn the map upside down! If it's not intentional, then what a coincidence! An exact pyramid shape, even with a 3d effect! Make what you like of it, but it speaks volumes to me. And no, I will not accept the argument that you'll find the exact shape on many other maps; - this "pyramid" has a significance value of four, and at the four points; - it is therefore beyond coincidence, being accidental or by mere chance. For you tell me; what are the real odds for this type of coincidence to occur? Now - can you help? As you can see; the above pyramid covers four points - the 'fifth' lower cornerstone has not yet been identified? Does anyone know what "place" could be at the precise area of the fifth corner? I hope evidence like this will help refuel the debate, and a demand into what really happened on 9/11 will take place, - and that a full and independent inquiry is held and overlooked by members of the general public and not government paid officials - and filmed lied on TV. For the full story see the linked article;

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