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  • Thevspiral#

    Thevspiral September 5, 2007 7:22:26 AM CEST

    I agree with Madcow. It's poetry, but not information we don't already know and thus uneducational. Placing things on this site should be about common sense. Do the readers want to hear rap? Is disclose.tv about someone's talent? The word Disclose should be common sense enough.

  • Sicksince#

    Sicksince September 5, 2007 2:19:13 AM CEST

    well if it was that then would be called ConspiracyRap musick , i think maybe you can check out my blog then you might get a broader prospective on what im saying, the music is for the feeling if you got a soul, you can feel it , if not then hey Sorry you dont enjoy Rap music, but many others do so , i would say stop trying to drill holes in someones work and lets come together to find a way to stop the problem , then yeah i guess this isnt EMPTYTV JAMS

  • Cfmadcow#

    Cfmadcow September 4, 2007 3:42:56 PM CEST

    What exactly is the point of this C-rap music? This isn't MTV jams

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