The Moon is Not Real: David Icke (No Music)

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David Icke's Moon Theory. Due to a very high number of noise complaints, I have re-uploaded this without the loud music! Enjoy! The video has been edited for educational purposes, with some information added from other sources to add to Mr. Icke's findings. Working out the structure of the Moon: During the Apollo missions, many geological experiments were carried out to try and work out the Moon's structure. The experiments studied the seismic activity or 'moonquakes'. The seismic waves generated by these quakes change as they move through different materials. The experiments analysed the changes to these waves to work out which parts of the Moon were solid or not. Internal structure Like the terrestrial or rocky planets Venus, Mercury, Earth and Mars, the Moon is made up of concentric layers formed by the melting and separation of magma. There is a solid outer crust about 65km deep, below which is a silicate mantle about 1,000km thick. At the centre there is a metallic core with a radius of about 500km. The core is not magnetic, suggesting that unlike the Earth's core, the centre of the Moon is solid and has no convection. (from

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