In-Flight Radiation Tests ☢ California to Hawaii ☢ 7/21/13 (2x speed no audio)

This video records ambient readings on a commercial flight from California to Hawai`i on July 21, 2013. A 10-minute baseline reading of gamma radiation was taken on the plane, while parked at the gate in California. First in-flight test shown is 20 min into the flight, and the second in-flight test was made 3-1/2 hours into the flight at 35000 feet. All tests were recorded on an Inspector EXP Handheld Digital Radiation Alert Detector, calibrated to +-15% Cs137, ANSI-Z-540.

Baseline Results:
0.062 milli-Roentgens per hour
28.6 average clicks per minute

Test One Results:
0.247-0.321 milli-Roentgens per hour
1001 average clicks per minute

Test Two Results:
0.269-0.314 milli-Roentgens per hour
915-1350 clicks per minute

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