Piece of Jesus Cross Believed to be Found in Turkey - Video - August 2013 HD

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Piece of Jesus Cross Found in Turkey SINOP Turkey Video Archaeologist at Balatlar Church Professor Glgn Krolu August 2013 God Jesus Gift of Visions Joel 2 28 Faith in God It could be one of the most important discoveries of Christian history. A team of archeologists in Turkey say they've found a small, symbolic coffin believed to contain a piece of the cross on which, according to Christian belief, Jesus Christ was crucified. The coffin has crosses engraved on either side and has been taken to a laboratory for further examination. A professor leading the team said it might include holy relics of a Christian saint or a piece of the cross on which Jesus was killed. The team has been excavating the site of a church on the coast of the black sea for the past four years. They've also found a Roman bath and tomb at the site and say they've discovered nearly 1,000 skeletons.

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