The Fire Yogi

The Fire Yogi - A Story of an Extraordinary Journey (2007) Mike Vasan (Actor), Fire Yogi (Actor), Mike Vasan (Director) Rated: G Pick it up on DVD: The Fire Yogi is a 47 minute documentary exploring the journey of a Yogi who has the extraordinary ability to use a unique breathing technique to get into union with Fire. This documentary portrays a rare and unusual Fire Ritual performed by a Yogi from India and the subsequent chemical analysis of his clothing & physical tests that examine this supernatural phenomenon. The Yogi has performed this Fire Ritual for a total of 1000 days over the last 45 years. The Yogi, weighing a mere 94 pounds (43 kilos), has been able to survive on only two bananas and a mere glass of milk with a few drops of water twice a day for the last 28 years. Many aspects of the Yogi are on the edge of unbelievability, while at the same time highlighting the power and endurance of human mind, body and spirit. Like ShaktipatSeer2 on FB for Dharma Wisdom quotes! - Get a free copy of my e-book from my website!

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