Syrian army push deeper into Homs

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Fighting for the Khalidia neighborhood may have ended, but the battle for the rest of the old city of Homs is about to begin. The Syrian army is preparing for another phase of its operation in Homs. Upcoming stages of the operation will be less challenging since Khalidia was the main stronghold of foreign-backed insurgents. Especially Khaled ibn Walid mosque. Syrian officials visited the war stricken district. The mayor of Homs was here to estimate the damage and the minister of national reconciliation wanted to find ways to preventing other parts of Syria from suffering the same fate as Khalidia did. As you can see signs of destruction are everywhere here showing how fierce the battle was for the control of Khalidia neighborhood, However, the Syrian army is planning to move forward to retake other parts of the old city of Homs. From here, the military is going to push into Al-Qarabis , Al-qusoor and AlWarshed neighborhoods. But the worst of the fighting was for Khalidia. After the Syrian army secured the district, it would be much easier for it to regain control of other parts of Homs.

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