Syrian President Inspects And Thanks Troops Syria

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Lose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday the army in the town of Darya southwest of Damascus, which the army regained most of its parts from opposition fighters, according to the official Syrian television reported. The TV in the bar news "President Assad up Daria to inspect the unit of our armed forces on the occasion of Eid Syrian Arab Army," which falls on the first of August / August. According images broadcast by Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) - - shows Assad shaking hands with a number of fighters who are facing armed groups in the city. Assad appeared relaxed as he spoke to the soldiers resolute tone, congratulating them remote army. And offers a number of soldiers to shake hands with Syrian President after the military salute, and took pictures with him to the side of one of the tanks. carrying a number of soldiers Syrian flag, while others raise badges victory chanting "soul and blood we will redeem you Bashar." President al-Assad said during his tour Bdaria the men of the armed forces, "What you are doing today recorded history and the whole world is talking about the Syrian Arab Army," adding "your motto has always been" homeland honor of sincerity "and here you are defending the homeland and honor faithfully. President al-Assad stressed that "the enemy could not kill the pride and courage of the Syrians, despite all attempts and all attempts of standing behind him because he found an army does not know defeat and fear army Bears terror in the hearts of the terrorists and fever homeland them still." Addressing the soldiers, saying, "Our motto has always certificate or victory, but since I started fighting to say that our motto is victory we our victory, and all the people waiting for the Syrian Arab Army victory." He said, heading to the soldiers "to ولاكم we all day slaves to countries that want to Trkaana, and the people Syrian in his life did not accept to be a slave, not only in the history and the present and the future. " He added, "Our military bear terror in the hearts of the terrorists and fever homeland them still," according to bar news broadcast on Syrian television. Earlier, the president said Assad's speech over magazine "People's Army" to Syrian forces on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the sixty to establish the Syrian army, said that "if we were not in Syria and confident of victory because we had the ability to withstand and what we have the ability to continue after more than two years of aggression, confidence you great faith firmly in your ability Secretariat to carry the message performance and carry out national tasks assigned to you and you will always, as your covenant of our people proud Syrian soldiers ميامين you put most poignant pages to our valiant army date and represent role models and optimization model in vigor and Shoumoukh the pure and belonging to the homeland. "

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