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DTV Guest Chat Live Promo Michael Lee Hill 8/9/13


DTV Guest Chat Live Promo Michael Lee Hill will be on Guest Chat Live on August 9th, 2013

More info: http://www.disclose.tv/forum/dtv-chat-guest-michael-lee-hill-fri-aug-9-7...

Website bio was taken from www.michaelleehill.com

Music is "Island Haze" by "The Michael Lee Hill Project" band

Michael Lee Hill is a UFO/ET Contactee, a UFO videographer and international recording artist. His extraordinary experiences have been featured on the History Channels (History Channel / H2), "UFO Hunters", Fox News, CBS News and more, in numerous videos, movies (From Here to Andromeda), in countless articles and in books. Mr. Hill's videos of many sightings over Lake Erie are a viral phenomenon with over 1million hits - with these videos being featured in news segments and many other places. Mr. Hill continues to do stellar research in the Lake Erie area helping to contextualize the phenomena with research that helps define and offer clues to explanations about what is going on. www.youtube.com/embed/Cgbz63TdFo0 Michael Lee Hill is an accomplished musician (international recording artist), guitar player par excellence and his band, “The Michael Lee Hill Project” continues to enjoy success and acclaim. Mr. Hill’s study in music also includes the esoteric side and his music and lyrics often explore ideas of hidden realms and deeper meanings. Music, energy and frequency underly his philosophical excursions into the meaning of life through music. His extraordinary experiences and his personal connection to his research, as a contactee of the Anunnaki and exopolitical analyst - is going to be part of a new book by UFO Magazine publisher Bill Birnes from the TV show “UFO Hunters”. The show UFO Hunters featured Michael Lee Hill in in a highly acclaimed episode where Michael's unusual physiology and other high strangeness that seems to be a part of his human experience.
Read more at http://www.michaelleehill.com/#7MOcQLSGlgR4kbQh.99


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