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World's Most Powerful Burning Laser Lighter

  • Uploaded by TTBTS on Aug 5, 2013
  • Hits: 183

Tutorial : is my +2W blue laser lighter using a M-140 blue diode (445nm) powered by two lithium batteries.The beam is visible without smoke!This laser burns white paper & wood and melt/cut plastic & metal.+2W on 1mm^2 means over 2 000 000 W/m^2While the Sun is only 1 366 W/m^2...So this laser is 1500 times the solar radiation!!! O_oDon't forget your correct safety glasses ;-)Laserpointerforums topic : voulez un tuto?--- Aimez et abonnez-vous ;-)Voici mon briquet laser +2W utilisant une diode M140 (445nm - bleu) alimente par deux batteries au lithium.+2W sur 1mm^2 veut dire 2 000 000 W/m^2Pendant que le Soleil met 1 366 W/m^2 sur Terre ...Ce laser quivaut donc 1500 fois la lumire du soleil!!! O_oN'oubliez pas vos lunettes de protections adaptes ;-)Plus d'infos: SB - Let This GoStan SB's channel: - Fast CarDotEXE's channel: - HazeProtiac's channel:

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