Tribute to Silenced and Shot Christian NWO Researchers

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For 'more info', see web-links below..Tribute to those who have been persecuted for exposing the evils of the New World Order (NWO) while proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ (copy)..PLAYLIST: ..With respect to NWO research, ask yourself this question: why is it that the researchers who expose the occult, Masonic and Satanic nature of the NWO, while offering a Christian based solution, get murdered or silenced? Secondly why do the researchers like Maxwell, Tsarion, Icke, Wilcock, Joseph etc., who promote esotericism and New Age, manage to live free and prosper with their research?.We are being conditioned to believe in the occult and abandon historic Orthodox Christian belief. The NWO wants you to believe that Christianity was based on ancient mystery religions and they will silence Christians who say otherwise. "People that tried (to tell Truth) are dead or in jail." .Video composed by Keith Thompson: .*John Todd, former Illuminatus: .-Illuminati, and how they use Mind Control: .-Trauma-Based Mind Control: .-The Light Behind Masonry and the NWO: .-Exposing the Illuminati from Within (part 1): .-Exposing the Illuminati from Within (part 2): .-Wake Up Call -New World Order Documentary - 2008 .*

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