Ufo sighting 26 july 2013 Netherlands

Some people where chilling on the beach suddenly this object appeared. Real ufo sighting at the beach near the Waddenzee in the Netherlands. friday 26 july 2013. They were in the middle of nowehere. Nearest town was 14km. What is this???

04-08 note: Thank you for your many responses. We still busy with the ivestigation of this footage. Many people suggest it could be a quadcopter or a drone. Our expert says this is not very likely because of the height of this object. We thought it could be a militairy drone but our militairy contacts do not know an object flying like this one.

The people who gave us this footage said they were in the middle of a 30 km beach ride. They were on their way back from spotting seals on the east sandbank and underway they saw this object while taking a break. First they were not aware that this could really be an UFO. They thought it was a RC plane or something. Now they are aware that they were likely alone in this rough area and this object was a kilometer high above sea (nearest house at 14km) they are thrilled! He is fed up that his battery died while this object was so close before it disappeared towards the horizon at seaside.

It is not the first time an ufo has been seen in this part of the Netherlands. In an official program 'Nederland van boven' on the Dutch television an ufo was sighted as well. See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnDJPD...

Also see: UFO Contact Attempts. These people are totally serious about tracking them down: http://bit.ly/1c7I4ei

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