Fighting ongoing at Palestinian camp in Damascus

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Heavy fighting has continued unabated in Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, where fighters from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine along with other Palestinian factions have confronted foreign-backed militants. As both sides strive to gain more ground, the camp sees more destruction. Moving from a block to another in the camp is only possible through walls opened inside houses as most streets are in the range of sniper guns. One wrong step can be disastrous. Writings on the walls refer to the presence of various brigades of the so-called Free Syrian army and the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front. Their flag was also clear on one of the rooftops. The battle for al-Yarmouk camp does not seem to be a short one. Each side in the battle regards the camp as a strategic geographical location in Damascus that would give more power on the ground to the one controlling it, a fact that will lead to more clashes day after day. Advancement is slow for the Palestinians. However, they have recently pushed back the militants, and gained 6 new blocks in the camp, including the Arab Bank building where militants were hiding. Several operation rooms with screens for their surveillance cameras were seized after killing the insurgents. Here, once, life used to be normal. Now the shape of buildings can only be described as the best place for filming horror movies without even using one single computer effect. The catastrophe still is the displacement of civilians, mainly Palestinians; they were previously forced out of their homeland by Israeli forces and now they're forced to leave their camps by Western and Arab backed militants.

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