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Mutated Gerbera Daisies For Sale - Grand Rapids, MI 4/1 & 4/2/13

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Aug 7, 2013
  • Hits: 45

This video documents mutated gerbera daisies for sale at five grocery stores in the Grand Rapids area on April 1 and April 2, 2013.On 8/24/12, Christina Consolo began finding fasciated gerbera daisies for sale in grocery stores in the Detroit area: This inspired me to look for mutated flowers at grocery stores in my area. Between 9/1/12 and 12/15/12, I documented fasciated gerbera daisies for sale at seven grocery stores in the Grand Rapids area - on multiple occasions at some of the stores - and also at a Lowe's during a visit to the Portland, OR area. Most of them were grown in Canada, according to the labels, while a few of them were of unknown origin. The videos of these finds (and photos, for examples that I did not film) are compiled here: have been documenting mutated plants in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area since 4/26/12, after I saw Consolo's videos documenting mutated plants that she had found in the Detroit area between 4/15 and 4/23: to my main photo album of the mutated plants I documented in the Grand Rapids area in 2012: lbums/w122/Scatterdome/Facebook/Mutated%20Plants%20%20-%20Grand%20Rapids%20Area%202012Link to my photo album of the mutated black eyed susans I documented in 20 different locations in Grand Rapids between 6/30/12 and 9/7/12: lbums/w122/Scatterdome/Facebook/Black%20Eyed%20Susans%20-%20Grand%20Rapids%206-30-12Link to my playlist of videos of mutated plants found in the Northern Hemisphere in 2012: photos of recently documented mutations are compiled on Consolo's Mutation Watch pages: Jim Prange4/3/13

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