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ANCHORAGE, Alaska- On Monday it was a heaping pile of snow but overnight the international sensation Snowzilla had been resurrected.

At 25 feet tall, the giant snowman outside an Airport Heights home on Columbine Street is even bigger than years past, drawing crowds of onlookers marveling at its size.

But some neighbors and city officials call it an eyesore that violates city codes.

This year, the city ordered creator Billy Powers not to build the giant snowman, but Powers pressed on.

“There was a little bit of bah humbug’ from the city, but I don’t really dwell on that,” Powers said.

But city officials think maybe it’s time Powers should.

“If all Mr.Powers was doing was operaing snowzilla’, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation,” city manager Mike Abbott said. “I don’t think his neighbors would be that concerned, and I’m not sure the city would be. But because he has been so determined to disobey most of the land use codes in Anchorage at this property for so long, his neighbors have just run out of patience.”

City officials said Powers has ignored land use codes for 13 years, and racked up more than $100,000 in fines.

However, if they decide to do anything about it they say they’ll wait until after Christmas.

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