China Syndrome Emergency at Fukushima 8/6/13 update (Trouble Just Beginning)

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Damn, I tried to put myself into Fukushima Rehab for the last few days. I was doing nearly through the "white knuckling it" Now All of This! I picked a bad week to give up Fukushima report updates. course, this all takes place on the an...

Damn, I tried to put myself into Fukushima Rehab for the last few days. I was doing great... nearly through the "white knuckling it" phase... Now All of This! I picked a bad week to give up Fukushima report updates. course, this all takes place on the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing...I'm not going to give a big long list of the shit that's in this report. I'm too fucking tired of this shit for that. I'm just going to copy paste the Enenews headlines... After Yet Another Computer Crash! BTW, I highly suggest you subscribe to the people in my list of "Other Fukushima Reporters" area on my YT page. I'm fizzling out here... Especially MissingSky101'A2-B-C' (TRAILER) thyroid cysts and nodules in Fukushima children Headlines:'s Top Nuclear Official: Tepco will never be able to store all the radioactive water at Fukushima plant They'll end up dumping it into oceanWall St. Journal: Official warns Fukushima reactor buildings could "topple" Tepco's work to change flow of groundwater can form pools below surface that soften the earthBBC: Water crisis at Fukushima has only just begun "Plant sits smack in the middle of an underground aquifer" It's rapidly being overwhelmed deep beneath ground (VIDEO)Wall St. Journal: Fukushima leaks are "massive public health issue" Obviously this could spread throughout Pacific and get into food supply (VIDEO)Oregon Health Officials: We are actively monitoring the situation in Japan We are not 'yet' mobilizing in response to the news We will respond with enhanced efforts as appropriateVice Governor: "Emergency situation" at Fukushima; Tepco has increased the risk of further leaks; Gov't needs to take over NHK: Officials make "emergency visit" to damaged nuclear plant (VIDEOS)TV: Nuclear expert says Fukushima "is already beyond Tepco's control" Gov't concerned leakage to rapidly accelerate (VIDEO)Asahi: Radioactive contamination 'soaring' in Fukushima groundwater Strontium and other beta emitters up 4,500% in recent days; Cesium rises nearly 1,500% Tepco says it doesn't know why levels spiked (VIDEO)Tepco Press Conference: The situation at Fukushima is bleak "This discharge is beyond our control" (VIDEO)Shock? UC Berkeley Professor Claims: "No matter what happens in Fukushima, it's not going to be a problem over here" U.S. Gov't: "Any kind of release in Japan would be non-detectable here" (Studies say otherwise)BBC: "Huge buildup" of radioactive groundwater at Fukushima plant Expert concerned "contamination has spread to all sorts of places" (VIDEO)The Times: "Lethal threat" from Fukushima's highly radioactive water flowing into Pacific Ocean "A threat to life"BBC: Flow of radioactive water into Pacific could 'accelerate rapidly' now that barrier is breached at Fukushima plant Tepco clearly in 'deep trouble'Watch: Japan Officials Issue Fukushima Radioactivity Alert "The radioactive discharge is out of control" Contamination seeping into ocean is an emergency (VIDEO)Fire alarm goes off nearby Fukushima spent fuel pool Tepco: "No smoke, etc. was found around ceiling at site using a web camera... we have judged incident was malfunction"UK Reporter: Gas bubbling up like 'small underwater geysers' around giant Louisiana sinkhole; Widespread methane leakage General: Big environmental groups ignoring disasterReuters Exclusive: Barrier is breached at Fukushima says official 'Highly radioactive' water entering ocean Will flow 'extremely fast' if it reaches surface Tepco sorry for troubleFukushima Unit No. 3 steaming Lasted more than four hours today Observed 'intermittently' over past 13 daysJapan Official: 'State of emergency' now at Fukushima nuclear plant 'High possibility' barrier is breachedKyodo: 'Radiation crisis' at Fukushima plant Toxic water entering sea for years "Tainting ocean and marine life"AP: Strong M6 quake hits Northeast Japan Rated Upper 5 intensity on scale up to 7 Tepco says no reports of problems at Fukushima Daiichi (MAP)Tunnels under Fukushima plant suspected to have quake damage Allows radioactive water to 'move' into ground Still holding over 15,000 tons High-level contamination flowing in from turbine buildings Tepco "couldn't afford to work on tunnels"

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