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Alien abductee Documentary - Confessions of an Alien Abductee


The contraversial documentary that has caused a storm in the UFO community and the world at the blatant way the media
have slaughtered me . We were led to believe that we were filming a serious documentary, all the filming was seized and they turned it into a joke instead. The onslaught coming from Ammach has multiplied any damage that Channel 4 and Off The Fence Productions have done. This was a blatant set up from the start ,including a fake lie test that I DID not fail. This program is not about a few individuals being attacked and made to look ridiculous, this is an attack on the whole subject in general and people should be taking note at how real information and real genuine people get buried alive for coming forward with the help of the public.
I have also uploaded the FULL 2 hour polygraph test that was used in the proogram

I have permission to upload this as I recieved my own dvd copy from off the fence productions

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