(LINKS IN DESCRIPTION) Before you read the description below,.........understand something TRIED TO TELL YOU THIS WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN when we uploaded our videos. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS READ THE TITLE OF THE VIDEOS. IT'S ALL IS A FULL LIST OF THE CRED...

(LINKS IN DESCRIPTION) Before you read the description below,.........understand something first.WE TRIED TO TELL YOU THIS WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN when we uploaded our videos. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS READ THE TITLE OF THE VIDEOS. IT'S ALL THERE.HERE IS A FULL LIST OF THE CREDENTIALS FOR PATTIIE BRUSSARD USArmy Natl. Guard 26th Divarty HHQ, Rehoboth, MA USArmy Reserve 117th/ P.S.C. 94th ARCOM New England Institute of Technology Hall Institute Of Technology AIT Fort Bliss, USArmyShe has also worked for :NASA, POLARIS, Lockheed Martin, spent 7 years in Military Missile Communicationsand she also once worked for the national guard. Citrix Migration Tech at Pacific Crossing Computer Deployment Tech at The Computer Merchant Computer Road Tech at Sullivan & Cogliano Electro-mechanical Assembly, Systems Assembly at New England Engineers & Dsgnr Installation Team Leader at ATSI Communications Computer Tech at PC HELP SERVICES INC. ADSL Roll-out Installation Tech at Bell South Co-Owner & Contractor at The computer Store Of Deltona Computer Consultant at BRANDON SYSTEMS- NOW INTERIM TECH STAFFING Computer Road-Tech at Houlihan Computer Solutions Owner at COMP - U - TECH INC. Electro - Mechanical Tech. C.N.C. Operator at Metfab Engineering, Inc. Electro-machanical Tech at COMP - U - MACHINEShe also has a versatile past,Remodel Homes / Electrical / Plumbing / HVACBuild & Repair Computers /Networks /VoIP./ Backups Desktop / Laptops / Servers LAN / WAN Build Custom Multi Processor NT Systems Install / Configure AUTOCAD Ver. 14 & Light 98 On Win98/95 Nt-4.0 workstations Build / Configure Multi-Processor SCSI Multimedia Video Editing Workstation For Marketing Dept.Develop Pro-Active Helpdesk Strategic Plan For Improved Turnaround Times On downed / Broken Equipment And Software Installations / Updates Script & Burn Master Install CD's for Sales Force Remote Software Updates & Virus ProtectionSeimens Digital Phone System / Voice over IP Installsthe mechanical and electrical panels / sub assemblies and wiring harnesses,Install computers /Networks / peripheralsDrive Imaging & Backups with Bart PC Imaging, Ghost, PC-Tools, Power QuestAssemble components of military prototype devices ( I-Robot bomb disposal project) including wired control assemblies, battery packs and testing for compliance to specifications, vacuum sealed for desert sand environments (ISO 9001)Install A.D.S.L. & IFITL. ( Integrated Fiber In The Loop) DATA LINESCopper & Fiber, Digital Cable & Twisted Pair to curb and in Customer Homes / BusinessInstall / Configure NIC. Cards and install software - Win95 / 98 ,Win NT. Win XP, VistaWinpoet Router Digital Communications PackageConstruction/Assemble Anti-Missile (Explosive Chaff cartridges) & Anti-Torpedo (Electronic decoy) defense Systems / Modules, including wire harness and electronic controls. Constructed harness fault test hardware and test for G load compliance on connectors (Mil-spec. crimp & Solder)SpecialtiesRepair in house CNC equipment & computer systems support. (ISO 9001)IBM Laptop PC Repair / Diagnostics + Bench TestHP FACTORY AUTHORIZED Printer ServiceWarranty Repair Certificate@ Houlihan Office SystemsA+ CERTIFICATE - IBM / LEXMARKCompaq & IBM Authorized Service Tech@ Central Data Inc.ALTHOUGH SHE IS A WHISTLEBLOWER SHE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN, THEREFORE We tied everything she was saying to the accuracy and validity of the king james scriptures.This is the reason FEMA "suddenly'' requested an EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY Without giving any explanation.Did you know that obama is currently threatening TO SHUT DOWN THE U.S.GOVERNMENT? dministration/312727-shutdown-looms-over-obamacare

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