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(LINKS IN DESCRIPTION) Before you read the description below,.........understand something first.WE TRIED TO TELL YOU THIS WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN when we uploaded our videos. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS READ THE TITLE OF THE VIDEOS. IT'S ALL THERE.HERE IS A FULL LIST OF THE CREDENTIALS FOR PATTIIE BRUSSARD USArmy Natl. Guard 26th Divarty HHQ, Rehoboth, MA USArmy Reserve 117th/ P.S.C. 94th ARCOM New England Institute of Technology Hall Institute Of Technology AIT Fort Bliss, USArmyShe has also worked for :NASA, POLARIS, Lockheed Martin, spent 7 years in Military Missile Communicationsand she also once worked for the national guard. Citrix Migration Tech at Pacific Crossing Computer Deployment Tech at The Computer Merchant Computer Road Tech at Sullivan & Cogliano Electro-mechanical Assembly, Systems Assembly at New England Engineers & Dsgnr Installation Team Leader at ATSI Communications Computer Tech at PC HELP SERVICES INC. ADSL Roll-out Installation Tech at Bell South Co-Owner & Contractor at The computer Store Of Deltona Computer Consultant at BRANDON SYSTEMS- NOW INTERIM TECH STAFFING Computer Road-Tech at Houlihan Computer Solutions Owner at COMP - U - TECH INC. Electro - Mechanical Tech. C.N.C. Operator at Metfab Engineering, Inc. Electro-machanical Tech at COMP - U - MACHINEShe also has a versatile past,Remodel Homes / Electrical / Plumbing / HVACBuild & Repair Computers /Networks /VoIP./ Backups Desktop / Laptops / Servers LAN / WAN Build Custom Multi Processor NT Systems Install / Configure AUTOCAD Ver. 14 & Light 98 On Win98/95 Nt-4.0 workstations Build / Configure Multi-Processor SCSI Multimedia Video Editing Workstation For Marketing Dept.Develop Pro-Active Helpdesk Strategic Plan For Improved Turnaround Times On downed / Broken Equipment And Software Installations / Updates Script & Burn Master Install CD's for Sales Force Remote Software Updates & Virus ProtectionSeimens Digital Phone System / Voice over IP Installsthe mechanical and electrical panels / sub assemblies and wiring harnesses,Install computers /Networks / peripheralsDrive Imaging & Backups with Bart PC Imaging, Ghost, PC-Tools, Power QuestAssemble components of military prototype devices ( I-Robot bomb disposal project) including wired control assemblies, battery packs and testing for compliance to specifications, vacuum sealed for desert sand environments (ISO 9001)Install A.D.S.L. & IFITL. ( Integrated Fiber In The Loop) DATA LINESCopper & Fiber, Digital Cable & Twisted Pair to curb and in Customer Homes / BusinessInstall / Configure NIC. Cards and install software - Win95 / 98 ,Win NT. Win XP, VistaWinpoet Router Digital Communications PackageConstruction/Assemble Anti-Missile (Explosive Chaff cartridges) & Anti-Torpedo (Electronic decoy) defense Systems / Modules, including wire harness and electronic controls. Constructed harness fault test hardware and test for G load compliance on connectors (Mil-spec. crimp & Solder)SpecialtiesRepair in house CNC equipment & computer systems support. (ISO 9001)IBM Laptop PC Repair / Diagnostics + Bench TestHP FACTORY AUTHORIZED Printer ServiceWarranty Repair Certificate@ Houlihan Office SystemsA+ CERTIFICATE - IBM / LEXMARKCompaq & IBM Authorized Service Tech@ Central Data Inc.ALTHOUGH SHE IS A WHISTLEBLOWER SHE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN, THEREFORE We tied everything she was saying to the accuracy and validity of the king james scriptures.This is the reason FEMA "suddenly'' requested an EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY Without giving any explanation.Did you know that obama is currently threatening TO SHUT DOWN THE U.S.GOVERNMENT? http://thehill.com/homenews dministration/312727-shutdown-looms-over-obamacare

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  • Drcassiel#

    Drcassiel August 13, 2013 4:15:26 AM CEST

    me voy a morir pero de risa! pinche blanco pendejo! ya no te metas tantas drogas puto!

  • danwiberg9#

    danwiberg9 August 12, 2013 4:32:36 AM CEST

    Well I hope it does happen. This rock has too many sheeple on it to survive. I just hope the Elite suffer the worst.

  • Debunker1900#

    Debunker1900 August 12, 2013 1:55:14 AM CEST

    If I was selling survival gear, gold, etc. I would put crap like this all over the place. "Obama wants to institute Marshall Law." Really!?!?! If I was in charge of the most powerful military and knew that something was going to happen to panic the country, HELL YEAH I would use the military to initiate Marshall Law. This is not rocket science. The public will riot, kill, destroy, etc. Why? Because we have a very good track record confirming this. We are a vile species and a good culling is long overdue. We do not bode well as a society in chaotic situations and without a doubt, people will kill more people than the actual disaster. You have to put the military in action otherwise, what will they do as the chaos unfolds? Think people!! Nothing new here.

  • Alix#

    Alix August 12, 2013 12:38:12 AM CEST

    We need a good SPF 500

  • Zenmeister451#

    Zenmeister451 August 11, 2013 10:35:30 PM CEST

    Oh, and by the way... There is absolutely NO WAY that a catastrophic solar event can be/could ever be predicted by scientists. The very idea is ridiculous! Yes, it could happen but not 'as scheduled'.

  • Zenmeister451#

    Zenmeister451 August 11, 2013 10:32:41 PM CEST

    Of course such an event might happen. It has happened before and it will happen, eventually, again. That said, I'm so fed up with all the fear-mongering that goes on nowadays. If it's not extremists, it's the human mutilating aliens, or the FEMA camps, or 'big brother'...jeez! Also, this site just adds to the nonsense by posting every hare-brained video/theory going around. Yes, we're ALL gonna die one day...that's just a fact! So live for the moment. There's an old saying...'Live each day as though it were your last, but plan as though you're going to live forever.' Makes sense to me, eh?

  • jjbreen7#

    jjbreen7 August 11, 2013 9:32:33 PM CEST

    And just maybe they'll get video proof of the Tooth Fairy. People this is FEAR MONGERING 101 and not even very good ... especially since:


    That should tell you something right there! Remember 12-21-2012? Boy was that a "Bust"!

    Remember Save Lives in May back 05/06? Meteor was suppose to "splash down" in the Atlantic and wipe out the US Eastern Coast line? - BUST -

    Or - Remember in 03 - Niburu/Planet X was suppose to come in May (alien's math was wrong) it was July and still a BUST! How DID those aliens ever get off their own planet with such crappy math???

    Remember the Y2K Fear Mongering - and yet, once again - NOTHING HAPPENED!!

    Now yes, I guess if you Fear Monger enough times, you a likely to get a "hit" - but I would wager a better chance at buying Lotto Tickets and winning the lottery!!! :D

  • fayebrown965928#

    fayebrown965928 August 11, 2013 4:48:10 PM CEST

    Maybe just maybe … they have evidence of that fearful kill shot form the sun is not far from the event .. yet I pray that such an electro magnetic pulse sweep (EMP) shot off from the sun .. will not only be powerful enough to flip the heliosphere’s magnetic field but will come powerful enough traveling as a rolling ball of charged plasma like the one seen in the movie “The Knowing”, but be that one scripture metaphorically refer to as the Harvest Sickle which is to divide the wheat for the chaff which will be that one to separate people of the Positive Love energy from people of the negative hate and prejudice energy, separate war makers from peace keepers, and wrong doers from right doers, ether way we are nearing such an epic line of an EMP event, be it this expected sun flare or the next, it’ll be one such EMP that will shift a Positive people over into a Utopia Higher frequency gravitational field of Mother Earth, leaving in this gravitational of Earth all the negative wickedness and evil doers, giving them a change to redeem themselves before the following 1000 years have ended and before the big bang process has begun …

  • thommystromdahl#

    thommystromdahl August 9, 2013 2:04:40 PM CEST


  • Tonighttheyfly#

    Tonighttheyfly August 8, 2013 7:20:59 PM CEST


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