Orion - a brief tour

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Aug 8, 2013
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Orion is a classic constellation. From ancient egypt to the ancient greeks to the vikings - Orion has been both a point of reference and of myth.When you next look up at the night sky in autumn and winter, see if you cannot find Orion - and try and grasp what beuty and wonders you are really looking at. It is so much more than tiny spekcs of twinkling lights. In this video I'm trying to give a brief description of some of what you would be looking at. It is my hope that it will spark some interrest.The night sky is so much more interresting when you know something about what you're looking at.Credits:Music: Arabian Zoids by LarsecDownload at http://remix.kwed.orgThanks to Rogelio Bernarl Andreo and Robert Gendler for permission to use their works.Vist Rogelio at http://blog.deepskycolors.comand Robert at http://www.robgendlerastropics.comAnd thanks to ESA, NASA, ESO and the entire Hubble team for their wonderful contribution to science and astronomy.

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