Leylines & 666 Encoded Kazakhstan Pentagram Update with Tony Kilvert

  • Uploaded by Malogg on Aug 8, 2013
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Major Leyline discovered at Kazakhstani Pentagram plus 666 measurements encoded. Leyline runs through masonic Scotland GPS DATA For Google Earth is. N 52.479794, E 62.185663 Not a Park as First/Quickly made out !!!!!! Elevation 666 Feet Above Sea Level(to exact centre) Diameter (666 Feet times 2) which is 1332 Feet Not 1200 feet Measure it on Google Maps/Earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pentagram is facing due south Pentgram is situated at major geodetic Ley Line running through masonic Scotland No habitation nearby extremely remote and PRIVATE ! Aligns to Sirius on Winter Solstice/ Sirius obsessed by Freemasosns !!! Disinformation quickly dispelled it as a simply star !!! Emma Usmanova the archaeologist from the article lives 1000 miles away works at Karagranda University and is simply seeing what we are seeing on google Earth. This can be all verified by anybody on Google Earth. She calls it a Russian star which is the other way up and has no circle. She is highly speculative ssumptive not objective see book 'Kazakhstan By Paul Brummell' pg 290 as she guesses at other local phenomena. She never explained the circle encompassing the star its orientation, its exact measurements or location above sea level. It is the same article getting regurgitated all around the world. It even spells it out 'non-satanic' in the article so we can all rest assured there is nothing to see, it's erroneous measurement of 1200 feet leads is no where so there is nothing to see... there is so much symbology at this site its unbelievable !!! Don't listen to the NBC article see the real information for your self on Google Earth!!!

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