Syrian Army take control of two Small towns near Latakia

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Reported by the correspondent in Lattakia, Syrian Arab army regained control of the Balata towns استربة and in the countryside of Latakia after its liberation from the armed groups , in a move to Surround the insurgents. She explained correspondent that the Syrian army began a military operation and wide in the countryside of Latakia at dawn today and it continues to progress towards the Alkhnzoria and Aubin in an effort to reach areas Observatory of Sheikh Nabhan and the prophet Isaiah. and in the case of control they will be able army of complete trapping militants cut their supply . as army targeted an armed group in the village of Doreen of the near Slenfeh in the countryside of Latakia, killing and wounding a large number of them, including nationalities is Syria by SANA. and military source said that among the dead militants Moroccan Karim state safe, alias Abu Zubair Moroccan and Libyan Mohammad Ali Elewa aka Abu seam Abdul Rahman Masrati and Tunisian Abu Ashraf Tunisian Ahmed Nmorh the Metzam so-called battalion black protoplasm Add to three militants of the so-called Ahbab Allah Brigade They nicknamed Abu Elias, aka Abu Ahmed and Mohammed Al-Ahmad Al. Killed Metzam so-called Brigade Open Khaled Helal In Homs army units engaged armed group attempted attack on a military post in the area of Hula and caused deaths and injuries among the insurgents, including Metzam so-called Open Brigade. destroyed the army rallies and equipment to insurgents in the village of Zafarana area Rastan and caused casualties among their ranks, including Khalid Hilal Metzam so-called Brigade Open and Abdullah Sweiss and Ahmed salmon. was the elimination of armed groups near the mosque Mahmood in Rastan and farms located between the villages of Aelchenah and good western region of Hula and north-east of the village of Ameria and farms Al Awad area supervisor in addition to the destruction of Walker gunmen contains weapons, ammunition and medical instruments near the happiness house for the elderly east paneling. it reported a military source that the units of our army brave engaged to try an armed terrorist group attacked a military points in the Hula and spent most of its members. The source pointed out that it was the destruction of dens of armed groups in Kvrllagha The good and Asamalil Tower benthic and Aghannto and paneling and Ameria and San and Deir Bean, including weapons and ammunition, tools criminal. At the countryside of Aleppo , child was killed and others injured, some critical condition targeting the city nobility of shells and rockets by militants in the town of Meyer. In Aleppo, troops battled with insurgents in Allirmon and Alcastelo, and destroyed a car loaded with ammunition and weapons. At the countryside of Damascus , killing six civilians and wounded fifteen others due to the fall of the mortar shells at the area of Sayeda Zeinab them peace. to the army targeted by armed groups in the chamber and the house سحم and Yalda and the bombing of the headquarters of the militants in Kaboun and kill all of them.

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