US drones cause panic in Yemeni Capital

  • Uploaded by grimghost on Aug 9, 2013
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The US government has expanded its notorious drone attacks in Yemen. The residents of Sana'a were panicked after a U-S drone was seen buzzing over the skies of the Yemeni capital. Sana'a residents say a constant buzzing sound rattled their home windows and woke them up in the early hours of the morning. They say the noise in the skies did not go away and continued for many hours. Ali Naji who is a local resident, says that most Yemenis are aware of the situation on the ground; however ,they are unaware of the situation in the sky. Many revolutionaries who remain in the liberation square of Sana'a- which is the focal point of the Yemeni uprising back in 2011, say they have waged many demonstrations condemning US policy on Yemen, and the Sana'a's silence over the violation of the country's sovereignty. According to Yemeni intelligence officials, a number of Al-Qaeda linked militants have surged into the Yemeni capital over the past week. This they say has prompted officials to raise the security level amid fear of possible attacks on foreign diplomatic posts. The government has raised the security level here in the capital. But the situation has also caused fear among Sana'a residents, who for the first time have seen the U-S unmanned aerial vehicles hovering above them.

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