UFO Best Power UP July 29 Wow!

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Aug 9, 2013
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Witness States: Captured this slow moving object descending just over Cypress mountain In Vancouver with my Yukon NV. I knew it was not usual satellite and decided to use my laser not even 2 mins in my skywatch this UFO responded almost immediately with a long power up, not iridium or satellite , to quick of a power up and it was fading...classic..thanks for watching , sorry for the quality seems like my uploads are getting worse since the changes at YT... Attention: if you give this a thumbs down please provide me your comments, this is why I post my videos, for feedback and constructive criticism , I do not monetize my work but if there is an opportunity for all to learn here with positive or negative comments, just placing a thumbs down does not help anyone. Much appreciated, thanks!

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