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Best Evidence Of Life On Mars The Debate Is Over NASA You Lost 08-09-2013


  • jjbreen7#

    jjbreen7 August 18, 2013 7:40:34 PM CEST

    LOL .. seriously?

    Let's do some "logic 101" and engage some not so common COMMON SENSE:

    10 centimeters = 3.93700787 inches .. So let's just round it up to 4 inches.

    Oh where did I get 10 CM? Look at the picture: 00.35 seconds into the video.

    Now look down at the SQUARE that is the "BIG NEWS" - it is actually LESS then 10cm/4 inches. Much smaller. At best maybe an 1 - 11/2 inch square. Which means the "Boot Print" is easily - very easily UNDER 1 inch.

    Get the picture? This guy literally "BLEW UP" a 1 inch area to be "LIFE" .... LOL .... when it is nothing more than normal land erosion on Mars.

    Wow - simply wow.

  • Aleshifter#

    Aleshifter August 10, 2013 4:38:17 AM CEST

    More rocks on Mars. Amazing!

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