Austin public not warned about DHS terror threat

  • Uploaded by Grey on Aug 9, 2013
  • Views: 186 U.S. embassies around the globe have been shut down and travelers warned over a vague terror threat officials claim resembles pre-9/11 activity, law enforcement and counter-terrorism authorities in Austin, Texas did not issue a warning to residents, despite a specific threat sent only to law enforcement.A Homeland Security warning about a 'Possible Terrrorist Threat to Venues in Austin, TX in August,' was sent out July 19, 2013 warning of an "unconfirmed" possible "random terrorist attacks" that -- while supposedly 'random' -- specify several targets, noting supposed "plans to plant back-pack style bombs on 6th street on either 8 or 9 August." In edition to 6th Street, a downtown location busy with nightlife, the threat advisory claimed there were also plans to "attack a school and a theological seminary in the downtown Austin area and complete the attack with operations at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport." The 'unconfirmed' warning of "random" attacks further specified a backup date, August 29th, if the 8th and 9th weren't "a viable option."It is hard to imagine that such specific and detailed information could be part of a credible "random" terrorism threat; instead, it reads like the prompt for a large scale drill, including preparation response cues, like the many "Operation Urban Shield" drills that have been conducted by Homeland Security, including on April 15 during the Boston Marathon where Boston's & Homeland Security's finest were on scene at the bombing.While the public was not warned of a terror threat, the Texas Department of Public Safety did issue a press release on August 7 notifying the public about drills it would be conducting during that same time period. "Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies to Conduct Homeland Security Exercise in Austin." enforcement were also instructed to "Watch for persons observing, photographing, or videotaping" and "undue curiosity," adding a layer of suspicion towards any journalists or citizens who might be covering the drill / "random" terror threat in order to hold drill participants accountable should anything go wrong.

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