Mystery priest shows up at Missouri car crash scene then disappears

  • Uploaded by grimghost on Aug 10, 2013
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A Catholic priest who showed up at the scene of a serious car crash in northeast Missouri is causing a stir among rescuers and has been dubbed the "Angel Priest". The crash happened in New London Sunday (8-4). The 19 year old college student was trapped in her car for 45 minutes when she asked her rescuers if someone would pray with her. Rescuers say she was conscious and talking but her vital signs were dropping and they were about to flip the car to get her out; a move that could have killed her. That's when the priest appeared and prayed with Katie Lentz and some of the rescue workers. He sprinkled the young woman with oil, the a sacrament in the Catholic church. When she was finally freed and taken to the hospital, there was no sign of the priest. Of the nearly 70 pictures taken at the scene, there's no sign of the priest. Police had put up barriers for two miles in each direction. Numerous news agencies have checked all the churches in the area and have not been able to find the priest. Rescuers say the man was in his late 50s and dressed in priest's attire.

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