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More details on Facebook here's fourth talk on the aerosol spraying of the sky by aircraft that the skies are being covered with every day will be much different from the previous talks. The weather modification experiments have been going on since around 1998 across the world without the public's consent. Governments won't admit it. Press cannot discuss it and environmental groups will not address it. So it's up to us to tell you what is happening. Respiratory problems are through the roof. Doctors are not permitted to look for heavy metals in patient's blood and the majority of the public are unaware of the danger. The huge streaks one sees across the sky are not condensation trails of water vapour. They are sprayed by unmarked military and private aircraft from specially converted wings which have nozzles fitted. They then spread out to form banks of cloud filled with aluminium oxide, barium salts, strontium, molds, fungus, bacteria, polymer fibres and many other elements by the ton. This operation is above the government and is most likely a military/private partnership. Hundreds of patents have been filed for exactly that and the House of Commons Report on Geoengineering admits it's possible to so-called 'reflect the sun's rays back into space to ...combat global warming'.In the talk patrick will present possible reasons for why it is being done based on the reports from Geoengineers themselves and the people who fund them. This generation is still fit enough to warn people of this vast crime against humanity. The next generation will not be as fit if the spraying continues. The richest people on the planet are altering the very climate of the planet so the race is on to reach enough momentum in the public's awareness before it's too late.Clearly it is too late fr the bees and the butterflies though we may still be able to save the trees from the die-back happening around the world. The future of the human race, in it's present form, is at stake. It really is that serious. The government won't tell you so we will.Four years of research on Chemtrails is to be unleashed and it's time to rattle the bars of the cage.Fiat justitia, ruat coelum.

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