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pole shift news something aint right alert

  • Isotrop
  • uploaded: Aug 10, 2013
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buy mavestar a beer or orion the gray kitton some salmon link sonwdon link something is definately up, the dark forces are leading you in the wrong direction, it wont be a solar flare its a magnetic pole reversal, look the cosmic particles are on the increase why cause the magnetosphere is weekening and earths sheild is going down that protects us from harmful particles, the electronic infrastructure will go down when the pole flips until then it will continue to weeken, dont be fooled by the solar flare its the magnetic pole that is going to reverse start taking this serious PLEASE!! help get the word out you need to be ready for this, your facing an extinction level event , and its coming in the form of lots of geo fomes earth quakes volcanic eruptions cosmic rays,sea rising ,floods and ice age you really really have no idea, just do your best for you and yours, now come on only 40 out of 6800 plus have been up the bar its time some of the rest of you chipped in buy mavestar a beer link is above make the effort for him he has gone out for you guys every one be safe

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  • Giftmitch#

    Giftmitch August 21, 2013 12:23:54 PM CEST

    IIt's pretty hard to determine what's real or not, when there's always had to be an enemy. Without a threat, there can be no savior. Nobody screaming for the government to save them and without freedoms to sacrifice in the name of being saved. Weapons in space, asteroids, solar flairs, planet-X, aliens, UFO's. EMP's and atomic atmospheric testing and now videos showing objects flying into the sun and errupting violently. Nobody can predict an epic flare unless they are actively participating in its creation.

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