Did a Whistleblower Stop a Terror Attack in Austin?

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http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/local ustin/threat-letter-was-sent-out-by-mistakehttp://truthstreammedia.com/?p=5125http://truthstreammedia.com/homeland-security-drill-runs-simultaneously-with-austin-terror-threat/KXAN reports that "someone released an official memo that they shouldn't have, and that has caused fresh worries." Yeah, worries that only lend credibility to the suspicion that an inside-system terrorist attack may have been planned for Austin, Texas, but has now been bought to the public's attention.While the threat advisory was reportedly sent to law enforcement without official permission, it was, nevertheless, verified as authentic and based upon an actual Homeland Security warning.Was this individual acting out of conscience as a whistleblower to alert law enforcement officials, the media and the public to the fact that a "real" terror alert had been issued by Homeland Security for several specific locations ON THE SAME DATES that Homeland Security began conducting a multi-level joint-force terrorism drill in Austin?The unauthorized memo was issued by the J3 Protection Branch of the Texas Military Services. We attempted to speak with both of the points of contact listed at the bottom of the threat advisory. The first, LTC Rob Eason, AT Officer, left a voicemail greeting stating that he was out 'in the field' until August 3rd, while the second contact, CW2 Steven Johnston, Threat Analyst, supposedly does not work for Texas Military Services at all, according to an unidentified spokesperson there. The number to contact this individual, listed in the release, is furthermore supposedly an "unmanned phone" tied to no specific individual at the military installation.

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