Comet ISON All Hands on Deck & Deep Impact up next!

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Aug 11, 2013
  • Hits: 398 This is part 23 of the Comet c2012 s1 WTF NASA? series brought to you by me, Thor of Thornews. NASA's called all hands on deck, formed their own ISON Astonishers, up next to spot Comet ISON is NASA's spacecraft telescope the Deep Impact. It is set to observe it yesterday and today, the flying V is still in the Sun but different, and know when knows when amateur astronomers will be able to see it in the sky again. We all hope SOON. They we should have the biggest clues that can tell us if it's the comet of the century, pr dud of the century, or a bizarre disaster. Comets are like cats if cats came from outside the solar system. We should know more about everything any time now. There is a ton of data and surprises in these articles, I will dive in further in the next episode, I had to cut it off somewhere and enjoy this saturday, right right right!

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