Syrian army, NDF battling insurgents in Lattakia

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Into the green mountain and what was once Syria's main summer tourist destination, rounds of shells are fired. This tank along with many others are paving the way for the infantry to enter these woods to push back foreign-backed insurgents who advanced into several villages earlier this week. These men are members of Syria's National Defense Forces ---- that's formed of volunteer groups fighting insurgents in defense of their country. The men are among troops that the army is deploying for the battle in the northern countryside of Lattakia --- a battle that the Takfiri militants are betting on to push the Syrian conflict more into sectarian chaos. The militants have attacked areas inhabited by minorities, killing and kidnapping many of them. Over 100 people are said to be held hostage, including women and children. The Syrian government is also seeking to maintain stability in the governorate where there's the highest number of IDP's. The importance of the battle means that it won't be an easy one. More shelling before the infantry go in; striking then correcting, accordingly an officer shouts to the the left and then it's almost time for the big move. "These troops behind me are getting ready to enter a battle that they say will be a very difficult one due to the mountainous area, the forest and the terrain here where snipers and landmines are the biggest danger." The men go in towards the unknown. Though they are going to be fighting in and around their villages and homes, they know that these homes aren't as welcoming as they used to be.

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