Snowden's encrypted email service forced to close (compilation)

  • Uploaded by Jordee on Aug 11, 2013
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Two encrypted email services believed to have been used by whistleblower Edward Snowden, have been shut down. The decision is seen as a response to the US government's attempt to gain access to customer information. The New York Times has reported that emails to and from the US are being monitored by intelligence agencies.

The encrypted email service believed to have been used by Edward Snowden has suspended operations. In a statement on the company's website Lavabit's owner suggested he had received a search order from the US government and then been gagged from talking about it. Since then a second US-based encrypted email service has closed its doors

Advice from Darren after PRISM, Yahoo fought to protect data and updates from Edwared Snowden's data. All that and more on this epidode of Threat Wire!

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