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Truth Serum For The Suspicious

  • Uploaded by Malogg on Aug 11, 2013
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You have to ask yourself, why would a Person ask for donations from truthers when it appears that their own company makes Millions annually? Also, to accuse Dutchsinse of all of those threats against himself and his family without a shred of Evidence! It makes one wonder if Dutchsinse was purposely pushed out of the way to Influence even more people to believing whatever you want, without some sort of verification. Where is Ben? Here's Ben, In The Cache Here Is Ben's Pic To From Cache E3 LLC Zoominfo!search/profile/company?companyId=347201478&targetid=profile Look At The Bottom Right Hand Side Of Page To See E3Media E3Media Facebook E3Media Youtube E3Media Twitter SuspiciousObservers Youtube Page His Dad's Response To His Allogations That Ben Accused Dutchsinse Of

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