Razor fence divides families in Georgia

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This is the barbed-wire fence on the boundary between Georgia and the breakaway province of South Ossetia. Areas through which the fence runs are divided. Some are still under the Georgian authority, others are now controlled by the South Ossetia which has declared independence from Tbilisi. The razor wire has divided Russia-backed South Ossetia from the rest of the country. The fifth of Georgian territory is occupied and people living along the barbed fence on the both sides are those, who suffer the most. David Vanishvili, 79 years old, lives with his wife and grandson who helps them with chores. Their daughter --- the boy's mother --- lives in a neighboring village. But, they can see each other only through the razor wire, since the demarcation started. Similar problems for the ethnically Ossetian families which appeared on the Georgian-controlled territory after demarcation. It was in May this year when Russians installed the fence between Georgia and South Ossetia. Moscow says the fence marks the old administrative border, while Tbilisi says Russia has moved it inside Georgian territory. South Ossetia has long been seeking independence from Georgia. It broke away from Georgia, following a 2008 conflict in which Ossetian troops backed by Russians gained full control of the breakaway region. Russia has recognized Ossetia's independence, but Georgia does not. http://www.presstv.ir/

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