The army controls the southern side of Damascus Syria

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Damascus (the world) 12/08/2013 - reported by correspondent in Damascus, that the military targeted the gatherings of militants in areas Alveabih and parties neighborhood Barzeh and the Nabek where they killed a number of them and some of them were Arab nationals, as the army continued in the foot in Rural Damascus operations to undermine the presence of armed groups. The southern city of Damascus is located on the line is the closest to the Syrian border, Jordan has seen military sources, private messaging channel Al-Alam on the presence of at least two thousand and five hundred armed there mostly came from several areas in addition to the militants, "Front of victory." He told Syrian military is in the area of the foot to us: We've gathered militants from several areas here, such as the Black Stone and Bella and Yalda and Spana has carried out the attack on the sailors Jura and grab the train station in the foot has groups Syrian army elimination of terrorists and there was a dead hundreds of militants. has entered a team channel world with units of the Syrian army and national defense to the depth of the neighborhood center spread of severe to snipers have put channel world to the front lines first, where Dart violent clashes have entered the team one observatories from which to monitor the movements of militants on all axes, most recently foiled attempt to blow up a car bomb between the elements of the army, and was detonated by remote control. said Syrian officer was present in the area for us: We have been arrested on a wide range of terrorist groups infiltrating into the area they are from several nationalities, a Libyan and a Jordanian, and during interrogation they gave us information about terrorist groups are operating with them and said he will attack us here and we have cooperation with the security agencies to monitor their movements and our cooperation with them directly has been eliminated large numbers of them. and limited presence militants now in two two main neighborhood Alasali and hot Jura, where it is trapped insurgents there in preparation for the massive military operation has reported us that the area of the foot-west are under the control of the Syrian army fully until the Highway River Aisha. documenting images contained the control of the Syrian army on an area of more than seventy percent of the district football, however pending the completion of military operations in the next few days will be completed by the scene more than those of control.

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