Aileen Wuornos gone insane - Or is she?

Uploaded for YouTube Playlist: Subject of this upload: Aileen Wuornos gone insane - Or is she? If she is, well them I am insane too ... Check this out. QUESTION: ARE YOU READY TO DIE FOR GAIA OR FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO LIVE? Cover: --- NEW: Operation Northwoods - Printer & Reader friendly + PNAC --- Also watch: WORLD WAR 3: The documentary --- BOSTON BOMBING COVERUP Also watch: When facts become fiction in the name of global dictatorship Boston bombing 2013 was a Reichstag false flag event Military & police training is over - They are now ready to KILL you Glenn Beck Gives Obama Till Monday to Admit Boston Bombing was an Inside Job Glenn Beck- Boston Bombing- Update on Saudi National Story Boston Bombing Facts Blocked By Facebook --- Med venlig hilsen Jakob Lauersen fra Radio FRIHED interviewet: AGENDA 21: Globalt diktatur på Dansk - Dokumentar ---

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