The "Superman" - Valerij Laverienko

  • Uploaded by Tjahzi on Aug 12, 2013
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This clip about the "Superhuman" Valerij Laverienko was aired on the Scandinavian channel TV3 sometime in the middle of the 90`s. It shows Laverienko demonstrating some of his incredible skills, like being submerget under water for over 9 minutes, burning a newspaper with "Qi"-energi, getting bricks smashed on his head, being submerged in BOILING water, and pulling a 65 ton train with steel wires through his forearms. Really incredible footage. But, does anyone have any more information about this man? When searching the internet, its nothing to find. But there must be some more information or video-footage about Valerienko? Let me know if you have something, thanks! I hope you enjoy this rare TV-clip of Laverienko, and by no means, dont try to atempt the same "tricks" after seeing this, he he!

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