Bradley Manning trial: Security ramps up while testimonies wind down

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The court-martial of Army Private first class is in the homestretch as the defense called witnesses to testify during the sentencing phase of the trial for the second day on Tuesday. Attorneys for the admitted WikiLeaks source are questioning the soldiers who worked alongside Pfc. Manning during his deployment to Iraq to see what kind of mental state he was in when he leaked hundreds of thousands of classified files before being arrested in 2010. On Tuesday, the court heard how Manning wrote one superior to discuss his gender, but the email was disregarded and the soldier remained an intelligence analyst because he was considered instrumental in the Army's intel-gathering operations. Meanwhile, tensions remain high after a series of security breaches have made covering the trial cumbersome for the press. Liz Wahl reports more from Ft. Meade, where Pfc. Manning is expected to testify later on Wednesday. Manning faces a maximum of 90 years at sentencing later this summer.Find RT America in your area: watch us online: us on Facebook us on Twitter

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