Peter of England to Re claim England and Ireland May 2013 MAKE VIRAL ALL!!

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England is owned by the Church of Rome since 15th May 1213, to be precise and the Church of England is a Catholic FranchiseThis video is a present for ALL Englishmen on the 800th Anniversary of your country having been stolen from you! It may be a suitable time to get it back (?)This video tells that King Jean under the influence of the Templar Barons handed over sovereignty of England and Ireland to the Papal Legate Pandolph, by way of issuing a "charter of surrender to Pope Innocent 3rd in PERPETUITY" at the temple near Dover castle on the 15th May 1213. This is evidenced in Scroll 66 of Magna Carta.See also that he handed it over and has to pay a rent of 1000 Silver marks p nnum being 700 for England and 300 for Ireland in order to remain as CEO! Any doubt that Eire is Catholic? Have no doubt then that England is still owned by the Church of Rome under a "softened franchise agreement." The Canonical Assentios of the Church of England state VERY SPECIFICALLY that it is part of the "One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church" and these ARE the 4 marks of THE CHURCH,....not any church but THEE CHURCH. Wearing of the Croix de Malta is a franchise sign. There is non bigger for the Church. It's COPYRIGHT and you have to Pay to Display it!, don't you Lizzie? Next starter for 10 (geddit?).....Why did Tony Blair "become" a Catholic upon leaving office? Hmmm!See Innoc.3.Epist.1.15 ep. 77. - Rymer Act. pub. vol.1, p.67Freeman Legal Services Website: : SUBSCRIBE :SUSCRIBE Youtube video and uploaded with permission from To Your Multidimensional SELF)DONATIONS If you feel like Donating, you can, it would be my passion to make films full time. DONATE AT MY WEBSITE, NOBODY ever does! :-)MY WEBSITE:- help is Truly Appreciated!BE LOVE ((((O)))) Come Join!! SHINE & RIPPLE The Wave of Love!!

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