PROPHECIES July 2013-July 2014

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the eagle will be hit hard cyber attacks and espionage on all fronts even internet will be lost
carful if you live in Colorado, Vegas Texas Dallas Houston
Washington D.C., New York and Florida Georgia Colorado, Arkansas Ohio and Seattle, Washington Tennessee Atlanta Germany
England, France Japan it will come like a wave after wave the ground will shake but not a quake that is seen the rolling dust and
terror will come the quakes will come to West Coast
earthquakes in California
San Francisco Alaska, Pacific North West Seattle i keep seeing Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico Turkey China Italy
also Florida will be hit with a big hurricanes and mega-storms
Major heat waves due to the Sun
next year terror will come very dearly to Pakistan, Yemen. Iran Indonesia and India Japan and Egypt

The Philippines promised intensified sea patrols on Tuesday as it welcomed the arrival of a second warship from the United States to bolster its defences during a maritime dispute with China
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San Francisco on high-alert after government agencies report of terror threat

Monday marked the first time that mobile phone users were notified of a statewide Amber Alert in California

Barack Obama delivers remarks during his visit at Camp Pendleton
Al-Qaeda's leaders were on the ropes, His remarks to around 3,000 Marines at Camp Pendleton military base in California

23 hours ago - The Seattle Times ... and residents said, as the Arab nation remained on high alert following threats of a terror attack targeting Western of government interests

Published on 9 Jul 2013
Giant 'Hole' In the Sun
Spacecraft Sees Giant 'Hole' In the Sun a dark spot that covers nearly a quarter of our sun , spewing solar material and gas into space -- Sun, 28 Jul, 2013

1.Pope Francis forced into helicopter to avoid protests 24/07/2013

2. New Zealand 21 July 2013

3. A heavy rainstorm in Toronto, Canada,

4. July 17, 2013 Algeria's state news agency says a 5.1-magnitude earthquake struck in the country's north, causing extensive damage

5. Dead Fish Float In Inner Harbor

The Pontiff's plans were changed at the last minute after around 1,500 demonstrators arrived and burned an effigy tied to a lamppost. There were later clashes with police as officers tried to disperse the crowd with six detained and at least three injured.

There had been scenes of chaos as the Pope began his trip through Rio in a modest motorcade after arriving at 4pm local time. Dozens of pilgrims and well-wishers dashed to the open window of his Fiat car to greet the Pope directly.


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