Fierce fighting in the countryside of Lattakia Syria Great Footage

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Latakia (world) 15/8/2013- progress of the Syrian army in the northern countryside of Lattakia near the Turkish border, and returned control of this rugged mountainous areas. The armed groups, specifically Front victory has entered these areas where extended battle along the line of the mountains and peaks in order to re-cleaned and the goal is to control the hills strategic and prosecute militants in the valleys. has toured camera channel world in these areas, which revolve clashes which have confirmed our correspondent there Hussein Murtaza said the fighting is fierce. has advanced units of the Syrian army units and the national defense forces after monitoring groups and the spread of the militants and said Syrian officer is in place for our correspondent: that the army units and the national defense forces seized control of large areas and advanced to behind the hills in the area, adding that some militants were still present in regions of these hills with their weapons and vehicles equipped with machine guns Aldochka. has been spotted camera channel world start of the battles were monitored communications for insurgents as well as proving the vote nationalities and countries of militants from the front of the victory, who are fighting the Syrian people. has put channel world in the valleys and hills accompanied units attack affiliate Syrian army who sought to enter the town Alkpolh after cleaning the town Aramo and hills Aramo full of the presence of insurgents. told our correspondent that the operation started from the town Maru toward some hills where there are armed groups have returned the Syrian army to control the region and said our correspondent that lead snipers did not يفارقهم in that region. has reached team channel world to top the summit of Mount Alkpolh which became fully under control, in addition to the hills corresponding to continue the Syrian army in its operations initiated by a few days ago, where advance where from several directions to lay siege to the militants and eliminate them.

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