Battles of the army in the countryside of Lattakia Syria

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the reported our correspondent in Syria, said the Syrian army's military operations in the countryside of Latakia continue strongly in the face of armed groups, indicating that the Syrian troops managed to free the hills of strategy and control of the gathering sites and targeted insurgents. The director of the Office of channel world in Syria colleague Hussein Murtadha Al-Alam news Thursday: the countryside of Latakia has been going on for several days, and could the Syrian army that cleans the hills of the region, including Tel stopcock blood, has raised the Syrian flag over this area, which was the armed groups present in them. Our correspondent said: that the armed groups were present in the area of ​​Tel Sabih, and the Syrian army was able to control it fully, while continuing military operations in Tal Thursday and some other areas that tried المجوعات where armed to make a Thajabir for residents of some villages and torturing them. The colleague said Hussein Murtaza: now and as soon as the army took control of this region become all the villages where there are armed groups under the control of the army in military terms. He said the military operation going from three axes, especially in terms of Tel Tmaah the Tel Tabbouleh, which Syrian army had entered her yesterday and could be controlled by. He said the world news channel reporter: Keep the town of roles in addition to mount Thursday, which saw targeted to some armed groups in those areas.

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