Psychedelics And Consciousness [Jason Silva, Terence McKenna, Graham Hancock, Joe Rogan]

  • Uploaded by Dmtshaman on Aug 16, 2013
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A short documentary featuring Jason Silva, Terence McKenna, Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan. Spanish Sub - Augusto Italian Sub - Manuel English Sub - Omid Pakbin (Omega Point) Thanks to all who are helping Omega Point with the translations and sharing the videos. Much appreciated... -------------------------------------------- Omega Point Facebook page: *************************** Omega Point - A project by Omid Pakbin *************************** I have spent a great deal of time making these videos for this channel, and I have a lot of good ideas for the next ones. If you think what I'm doing is worth it, please support me, either by sharing the videos and the OmegaPoint Facebook page or donating. There is a PayPal donation button on my channel. Stay tuned... more videos are coming soon, not just about Psychedelics, but a whole spectrum of issues and solutions. Thank you, Omid

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